Hornby spares - service & tools

Maintenance sheet for Hornby tender drive locomotives

Information sheet for the early Hornby tender drive locomotives


Solder wire which is suitable for all Hornby applications

Solder wire- 500mm

This solder wire is lead free and is fully compatible with all Hornby applications


Lubricaion grease with Teflon suitable for all Hornby Trains

Lubrication grease with Teflon

The ultimate grease for the motor drive gear and axle gears of your Hornby Trains


lubrication oil suitable for all Hornby Trains

Light Engineering lubrication oil

Lubrication oil for the motor bearings, gears and bearings of your Hornby Trains


Pipette for Hornby oil application

Oil application pipette

Helps keep your locomotive at peak performance


Polishing pad to clean and polish your Hornby track
Polishing pad for Hornby track and locomotive wheel cleaning

Refurbish your old tarnished track with this unique polishing pad from Hornby Train Restorations