Neodymium magnet for the vintage Hornby X03 and X04 motor

New replacement Neodymium magnet suitable for the vintage Hornby X03 and X04 motor

Neodymium magnet


This new Neodymium magnet can be used on all the vintage Hornby X03 and X04 motors.

Improved motor performance with minimal effort. This magnet will give your X03 and X04 motor more torque and more speed.

These Hornby spares Neodymium Iron Boron magnets have a gauss level which is typically 2 - 4 times higher than standard Alnico magnets. They are nickel-plated for improved corrosion resistance and appearance.

Fitting instructions.

  • Remove X03 and X04 motor from the Hornby locomotive
  • Undo and remove the nut and bolt securing the original steel magnet
  • Remove the original steel magnet from the X03 and X04 motor
  • Carefully position the new Neodymium without trapping fingers. Note the red mark should face towards the underside of the motor, i.e. away from the brush spring and towards the securing nut.
  • Refit the nut and bolt
  • Refit the X03 and X04 motor to the Hornby locomotive

Please see our Neodymium Magnet Safety Page for further information.


1 off magnet - £9.99


If you are not sure if this part is for your locomotive or if you need advice on how to fit this Neodymium magnet then please contact us we can help you.
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