Hornby motor brush holder kit for the X03, X04 motor

New replacement brush holder kit suitable for the vintage Hornby X03, X04 motors

Brush holder for the Hornby X03, X04 motor
Brush holder fitted to the Hornby X03, X04 motor


This new Hornby motor brush holder kit can be used on all the X03, X04 motors used in the Hornby locomotives. The brush holder comes complete with the fixing rivet.

The picture above shows the brush holder kit fitted to the Hornby X03, X04 motor.

Fitting instruction:

  • Remove the X03, X04 motor from the Hornby locomotive.
  • Remove the brushes, brush spring and wiring from the Hornby X03, X04 motor.
  • Use a permanent marker to mark the magnet to ensure it is refitted in the correct orientation.
  • Remove the magnet from the motor.
  • Remove the motor top plate.
  • Drill out the existing brass rivet holding the old brush holder in place.
  • Clean and inspect the motor top plate for damage.
  • Push the rivet through the brush holder and the motor top plate. The rivet head should be on the outside of the motor.
  • Use a small hammer or press tool to compress and tighten the rivet.
  • Refit the motor top plate.
  • Refit the magnet noting the correct orientation.
  • Refit the motor brushes and spring.
  • Refit the motor to the Hornby locomotive.


1 off brush holder and rivet - £3.99

Common applications


Motor ref.
Mark III
Open frame motor
Mark IV
Open frame motor



If you are not sure if this motor brush holder kit is for your motor or if you need further advice on how to fit this brush holder kit then please contact us we can help you.
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