Hornby spares drive gear set X8199

New replacement drive gear set suitable for the Hornby class 7 motors

Hornby spares drive gear set X8199 Class 7 motor
Hornby spares drive gear set X8199 Class 7 motor fitted to a class 7 motor


This new replacement gear set is for most 0-6-0 configuration tank locos and diesels since the mid 80's. Also margate B of B & B12's both margate worm is L5715 and drive gear is L5714. The picture above shows the class 7 Hornby motor, sometimes known as the Mabuchi E18 motor, M1309 motor, M2209 motor, X1676 motor, X1846 motor and the X8202 motor.

The drive gear set comes ready to fit. Hornby Train Restorations recommends replacing both gears as a set.

This gear set fits the following Hornby 0-6-0 locomotives:

R2256, R2186C, R2333, R2198A, R2239, R2164A/B, R2111, R2006W, R2123, R2324, R2401, R2334, R2274, R2541, R2186A/B, R2163, R2155A/B/C, R2157A/B, R2468, R2469, R2400A, R2328A/B, R760B, R2325, R2657, R2540, R2546, R2534, R2658.




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