Ink jet water slide decal sheet - size A5

Make your own decals and customise your locomotive, rolling stock and layout

Water Slide Decal sheets


This transfer paper is brilliant for applying images onto any Hornby locomotive, passenger coach, trucks, wagons and for your layout items too.

WHITE decals are used if you are decorating a dark coloured backgrounds while CLEAR decals are used for decorating a light coloured backgrounds.

Make your own decals rather than buying pre-made decals, and customise them the way you want to. Make your Hornby locomotive and trucks into the ones you really wanted. Fit as many designs on one sheet of paper and they become very cost effective too. Create your own station boards and other advertisements for your layout, shop fronts, factory signs, public signs, you can do them all.


1. Print off the decal paper as if it was normal paper, no need to adjust your printer settings. Leave to dry for about 30 minutes.

2. Spray the paper with at least 3 to 4 coats of acrylic or solvent based spray varnish. Leave to dry for a few minutes between coats.

3. Cut out your designs using a craft knife or pair of scissors. When using white decals cut carefully around the object if you do not want a white border.

4. Place the cut out decal into a bowl of water for 10-30 seconds. You can feel with your fingers the decal slipping away from the backing paper.

5. Place the decal onto your Hornby train and slowly pull away the backing paper.

6. Use a lint free cloth to carefully dab the surface of the decal, this will help soak up excess water and smooth out any air bubbles.

7. Leave the decals to dry for 24 hours or use a hairdryer if you wont to dry them quicker.

White background A5 sheet £1.65

Clear background A5 sheet £1.65


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