Track power booster cable

5 metres of track power booster cable - suitable for all Hornby track types

Track power booster cable


This Hornby track power booster cable is used to electrically connect together sections of the track in a layout. It is well known that in a medium to large track layout the joints between the individual track pieces can offer high electrical resistance causing a train to slow or hesitate at the far end of the layout. By connecting the track pieces with this track power booster cable the connection losses can be eliminated.

Three or four track pieces should be permanently connected together and placed at regular intervals around the track layout.

This flexible twin cable having a figure-of-8 shape comprises 13 strands of 0.2mm diameter copper for each wire. A marker on one of the wires ensures the correct polarity. This track booster cable is supplied in 5 metre lengths.

Restore the performance of your track layout.


5 metre length - £4.65


If you are not sure how to use this cable then please contact us we can help you.
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